H1b Visa – A Broader Understanding

There are several benefits when you are an H1b visa holder. One of these advantages is the chance to apply for other kinds of visa. And one more is the cost of dismissal. During events where the employer must fire or dismiss you from work, you should receive an amount that would cover all your expenses before the final date of your employment. Just the eradication of complication and hassle while working is enough advantage and the certainty that you’ll have an employer is a plus point. The H1b visa applicant should only look for an employer first and everything will be processed immediately.

H1b VisaTo those who desires to work in US but only for short-term, they could actually look for US employer to help them and do the application for the H1B visa for the. But then, there is a limit in their stay since they only have a temporary visa. Their employers can apply 3 years for them and in time they could actually process an extension for another 3 years for it. In short, they worker could continue to be in US making use of their H1B visa for 6 years. With particular requirements to be put together again for the extension, they could stick around and get more for another 3 years. However it will still be with the guidance of the employer who petitioned them.

For aliens who are trying to hold an H1b visa, they must be hired and supported first by an American employer. The employers would then take the necessary steps to carry out the application process. All of the important paper works and monetary requirements should be taken cared of by the employer. The employer should follow all governmental rules and regulations throughout the entire period by which the alien is working. The issuance of an H1b visa is a lot more efficient if the employer and the alien would considerably follow all the rules.

Application of H1B visa follows a certain process with some requirements. Most of the work will be the employer’s job in securing the approval of the H1B visa. Primary thing they have to do is make sure that they will file a Wage Determination Form with DOL to make sure that they are handling the fee for the “prevailing wage” the employee’s job. Then, they will file the LCA or the Labor Condition Application again with DOL and finally, they have to secure form I-129 with USCIS. Soon after everything is all acquired, they have to patiently wait for 2-5 months for the approval to be issued. Sometimes with this job, they hire an H1B lawyer and normally the attorney would communicate with DOL and USCIS applying to the standing of the completely ready application.

The issuance of H1b visa has a limit as well. With six years as the maximum number, aliens should leave the States for a year before he can apply for the next H1b visa. Three years for an initial issuance and the succeeding three years as the extension comprises the maximum of six years. But after this standard number, the professional must not stay within the country. But there is a diverse case for aliens working in the Defense Department. They are allowed to stay within the country for ten years. But in some way, the United States is making an effort to limit the volume of approved H1b visa petitions each year.

Every fiscal year, there are lot employers who would take hold of the chance to process H1B visa for the experienced individuals that they get from other nations. Before they start working on it, they have to make sure they have accomplished forms, they know the flow of the process and they must also know the requirements from both employer and the non-immigrant employee. For employees for H1B visa, should have attained a bachelor’s degree, they are proficient employees, and can talk in English either written or verbal. As for employers, since they’re the one responsible to do the application in part of the employee, they have to ensure that the employee that they are going to petition has specialty qualifications such as being an engineer, architectures etc. They have to secure the certain applications for the process. Example for these is the Labor Condition Application or LCA that will be handed in to DOL. When requirements are met, then the process will flow positively.

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