Blepharoplasty-Beneficial Concept One Should Know

Blepharoplasty is a modern eyelid surgery technology in the medical science that involves usage of highly sophisticated surveillance equipment for extra tissue removal above and below in the eyelid area. Blepharoplasty also includes surgery to repair sagging or droopy eyelids and removing puffiness and bags under the eyes without creating any wrinkles on your facial skins. In this article, you will be introduced with the procedure of Blepharoplasty and be able to know about how the eyelid surgery is done. Eyelid surgery is generally performed on adult men and women. Firstly, the surgeon removes the inside part of the creases or the eyelids. Then, they take each part of the eyelids and trim the sagging skin and muscle. That is how they remove excess fat from your eyelids. When all excess tissue and muscles are removed from the eyelids, the surgeon attaches the skin very smoothly with the help of high quality cosmetic stitches.

BlepharoplastyEyelid lift also known as Blepharoplasty comprises of two types, the lower eyelid lift and the upper eyelid lift. The lower eyelid surgery is mostly done as a cosmetic surgery whose intention is to improve beauty by getting rid of the lower eyelid bags and fine wrinkles. It could also be done as a medical intervention. The upper eyelid surgery is mostly associated with curing medical, biological or heredity conditions.  Medical conditions necessitating upper eyelid surgery include accumulation of excess tissue such as fat and skin thus making it difficult for the upper eyelid to open up and shut by reflex action. A genetic factor such as lack of supratarsal fold which is a common condition amongst a majority of the oriental population necessitates Blepharoplasty. The Blepharoplasty done on the Orientals is quite different from that done on the Occidentals due to the different eyelid structure. The aim of Blepharoplasty amongst the Oriental youth is to create supratarsal fold through a process known as double-eyelid surgery while the aim of Blepharoplasty amongst the old Oriental population is to elevate the supratarsal fold and to resect the surplus eyelid skin through a process known as Asian Blepharoplasty.

Blepharoplasty is normally performed by incision along the eyelid’s natural skin lines. These skin lines include the contours formed on the upper eyelid and those creases formed on the lower eyelid lashes. The incision may be either external or internal. Mostly, the incision on the upper eyelid is done external while that of the lower eyelid is done internally. However, internal incision can also be done on the upper eyelid. The main advantage of the internal incision is that is that it doesn’t leave visible scars. The internal incision is used mainly to remove excess eyelid fat but cannot be used to remove excessive skin accumulation of skin. A faster recovery may be facilitated by use of an external skin resurfacing by a carbon dioxide laser or chemical peel or both. The eyelid lift operation takes an average of 3 hours to complete.

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